Edema is a boss that appears in the Scarred Womb and Utero. It is the posthumous version of Hyponatremia. Edema's bottom half of its head is ripped away, revealing a skull underneath, the spike like mouthpiece hanging out of its newly exposed mouth. It is now missing a pair of wings and has wounds on its body, aswell as being tinted purplish.

Behavior Edit

  • Hovers around an area.
  • Stabs the floor with the spike and starts drinking blood, shooting small bursts of blood shots around it before sending a fountain of said shots at the player's position. May also spawn a few chargers.
  • Stabs a non-boss enemy with the spike and yanks it into its mouth. If successful, this kills the enemy and heals the boss a bit, and the boss shoots a small cluster of blood shots in the player's direction.
  • Tilts its head slightly before trying to stab Isaac with the spike. If successful, pulls Isaac towards it until a certain amount of damage is done to the boss (in which case it lets go) or until Isaac makes contact (In which case it 'eats' Isaac and spits him across the room, dealing two hits of damage).
  • If it misses with any attack that it tries to eat Isaac or an enemy, the spike sticks into a wall and the boss charges in that direction, releasing blood shots when it hits the wall.

Champion versions Edit

Green: Smaller, only uses the blood fountain attack and charges into walls purposefully. Does not spawn enemies.

Blue: Larger with more HP, slower, only tries to eat Isaac and enemies the whole fight. Spawns leeches if it hits a wall.

Trivia Edit

  • The bane of The Lost and The Keeper.
    • It is the only boss that hits you twice with an attack at once.
      Edema concept

      Edema concept art

  • Has concept art
  • Edema is the medical term for swelling.
  • Edema's boss room is always filled with a liquid.
    • This liquid is normally red, but if found on other floors the liquid will be water.
      • This is again to keep Delirium from breaking things.