Head Honchost is a boss that appears in the Caves, or the Depths in Double Trouble.

Behavior Edit

  • When hiding, Head Honchost summons Three Waves of any enemy, similarly to Challenge Rooms.
  • When the three phases are done, Head Honchost reveals his "body". Like any other host, this is your chance to attack him.
  • Head Honchost can occasionally bash his head on the ground several times, causing rocks to crash down.
  • Head Honchost shoots large bullets like a normal host would.
  • Head Honchost could sometimes cough up Walking Red Hosts, sometimes Regular Walking Hosts.

Champion Versions Edit

  • White - Head Honchost shoots Rubber Cement tears instead of blood tears.
  • Blue - Head Honchost summons Four Waves instead of Three Waves, and has more health, but less damaging bullets.

Trivia Edit

  • Head Honchost is the first boss on the wiki.
  • Head Honchost was created by ScribbleMasterer.
  • Head Honchost is a pun on Honcho (Person in Charge) and Host

Gallery Edit