Hyponatremia is a boss that exclusively appears in the Flooded Caves.

Behavior Edit

  • Flies slowly around the arena.
  • Lands and starts drinking water, revealing an Isaac-like face on its back and swelling its abdomen. Shoots a large 'fountain' burst of high-shot height tears in an area centered around it.
  • Lands and starts drinking water without revealing the face. Flies to the top of the room and clings to the wall, shooting a line of tears while aiming for Isaac.
  • Lands and drinks a small amount of water, before spitting a cluster of tears at Isaac.

Champion versions Edit

Red: Does not go to the top of the room to attack, instead of spitting a 'fountain' of tears, spawns 2 drowned chargers.

Purple: Instead of shooting a fountain of tears, shoots 3 homing tears. All other attacks the same.

Trivia Edit

  • Hyponatremia, also known as water intoxication, is a lowered blood concentration of sodium mainly caused by drinking too much water.
  • If spawned in a floor without water, the room will be flooded
    • In The Womb and variants, the liquid is red.
      • This is to avoid a Delirium equivalent having broken animations