The Deceased is a boss found in the Depths and the Utero, and is the posthumous version of Gurdy Jr. It appears to be carried by Dangle.

Behavior Edit

  • The Deceased will dash around the room three times, similarly to Dingle/Dangle.
  • The Deceased can spawn a Super Pooter at times.
  • It can jump up, and shoot tears in 8 directions, 2 times.
  • It can jump up and spawn a few corn dips.
  • Upon death, the deceased will turn into a Dangle at half health.

Champion Versions Edit

  • Red - Instead of shooting tears in 8 directions 2 times, The Deceased shoots brimstone lasers in 4 directions 1 time.
  • White - Upon death, instead of spawning Dangle, The Deceased spawns 8 Corn Dips.

Trivia Edit

  • The Deceased was made by ScribbleMasterer.
  • While making the sprites, The Deceased used to have light green hands and a light green face, unintentionally making it a hue shift.
    • Due to this, the color had to be changed.
  • The Deceased looks like the disappointed emote on discord.
    • This was completely unintentional.

Gallery Edit