The Feeding is a boss that appears in the Utero, and Scarred Womb. He is the posthumous form of Head Honchost

Behavior Edit

  • The Feeding spawns 3 Phases of enemies, all of which come from the Utero or Scarred Womb.
  • The Feeding bashes his head on ground, both summoning damaging tears and rocks that will fall down.
  • The Feeding will shoot a brimstone laser towards isaac.
  • The Feeding will sometimes cough up Clotties or Meatballs.

Champion Versions Edit

  • Pulsing Green - When bashing his head, he only summons damaging tears, and can only cough up poison minds and walking guts.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to The Feeding being able to be hit while hiding, The Feeding only has 1 phase, unlike Head Honchost.
  • The Feeding was made by ScribbleMasterer.
  • The Feeding is the first boss on the wiki to have only one champion version.

Gallery Edit